University / College Committees

2017-Date  Chair. Academic Affairs Leadership Team (Radford)2017-Date  President’s Cabinet (Radford)

2017-Date  President’s Cabinet (Radford)

2015-2017  President’s Cabinet (FHSU)

2015-2017  Chair, Grand Council (FHSU)

2015-2017  Chair, Academic Council (FHSU)

2015-2017  Institutional Senior Staff Committee (FHSU)

2015-2017  Chair, University Strategic Planning Committee (FHSU)

2015-2017  Executive Leadership Team (FHSU)

2015-2017  Chair, Commencement Committee (FHSU)

2012-2015  Chair, ePortfolio evaluation task force (Mercy)

2012-2015  Faculty Accreditation Work Group (Mercy)

2012-2015  Chair, Assessment of Student Learning Accreditation Work Group (Mercy)

2012-2015  Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (Mercy)

2012-2015  Academic Computing Committee (Mercy)

2012-2015  Academic Standards committee (Mercy)

2012-2015  Institutional Policies and Standards committee (Mercy)

2012-2015  Student Success & Engagement committee (Mercy)

2012-2015  Chair, Academic Affairs IT Task Force (Mercy)

2012-2013  Faculty Handbook (Union contract) committee (Mercy)

2012-2014  Middle States accreditation steering committee (Mercy)

2011-2014  Academic and Student Affairs subcommittee of Board of Trustees (Mercy)

2010-2011 Chair, Course Evaluation committee (Stony Brook)

2009-2011 Council Of Distinguished Teaching Faculty. (Ex-Officio, Stony Brook) 

2009-2011 Senate Committee On Teaching and Learning. (Stony Brook) 

2008-2011 Chair, TLT Student Advisory Board. (Stony Brook) 

2008-2011 Planning committee for new classroom building. (Stony Brook) 

2008-2011 Chair, Learning Space Management Committee. (Stony Brook) 

2008 First Year Matters assessment steering committee. 

2008 Chair, New Faculty Orientation Task Force. (Stony Brook) 

2008 Planning committee for the new Southampton campus library. (Stony Brook) 

2007- 2011 Provost’s Advisory Group. (Stony Brook) 

2007-2008 Student Success Task Force. (Stony Brook) 

2006-2011 Senate committee On Computers And Communication. (Stony Brook) 

2006-2011 Chair, Teaching, Learning + Technology Faculty Advisory Board. (Stony Brook) 

2006-Date Education Assessment & Enhancement Committee. (Stony Brook) 

2001-2003 Technology strategic planning committee. (Creighton) 

2001-2002 Executive committee of the faculty senate. (Creighton) 

2000-2003 Faculty senate. (Creighton) 

1999-2003 Distance Education Committee and its sub-committees on student services and assessment (Creighton) 

1999-2001 Chair, Innovative Use of Instructional Technology Award Committee (Creighton) 

1997-1999 Chair, Web subcommittee of Instructional Computing Committee (Creighton) 

1997-2003 Instructional Computing Committee (Creighton) 

1996/98 Pharmacy school representative on faculty senate (FSU) 

1995-1996 Chair, Distinguished teacher award committee (FSU) 

1994 University retention committee (FSU)