School Committees

At the School and College level I have been active in committees guiding and planning many aspects of technology implementation, faculty and staff development, and blended and online course and program development. 2007-2011 Professional Education Program Advisory Board Member. (Stony Brook's School of Education) 2004-2011 World Campus B.S of Business Administration program development team (PSU) 2003-2006 Commonwealth Campuses web site development steering committee (PSU) 2003-2005 Commonwealth College Faculty Senate (PSU)

2000-2002 Dean's Administrative committee (Creighton)

2000-2003 Web-based Doctor of Pharmacy pathway Steering Committee (Creighton)

1998-2003 Technology Committee (Creighton)

1997-2000 Faculty Development Committee (Creighton)

1996-1997 Chair, Strategic planning committee (FSU)

1995-1997 Chair, Basic science faculty meetings (FSU)

1994-1997 AACP Pharmacy deans council (FSU)

1994-1997 Computer committee (FSU)

1994 Rank and tenure committee (FSU)