Faculty & Staff Development

Supporting faculty as they adopt new pedagogies or deal with challenges within their classrooms is a critical part of the mission of Academic Affairs.  I have been responsible for faculty development for over 20 years at five different colleges and universities.  I built the faculty development centers from inception at four of the five and grew it significantly at the other.  The Teaching, Learning & Technology organization that I created at Stony Brook had a staff of 37 supporting pedagogy, assessment, technology and facility based innovations in instruction, in a cohesive support model.  The entrance to The Faculty Center that I both organizationally and structurally built as part of this operation is shown in the picture on this page. 

I also planned and executed new faculty orientation at Stony Brook and oversaw its management at Radford. FHSU and Mercy College.  The FHSU Virtual College and Mercy Online developed training, under my leadership, to prepare faculty for online course design and delivery. In addition, in partnership with the VP for IT, we implemented fall and spring development days for all faculty and staff. 

I have personally delivered workshops including:

Encouraging Growth

To encourage faculty and staff adoption of, and comfort with technology, I adopted a holistic approach that supported technology use in everyday activities. These initiatives included technologies to support collaborative research, the paperless office, online collaborative committee work and resource management.  To recognize excellence, I led the formation of Creighton University’s faculty award for Innovative Use of Instructional Technology, and chaired the annual selection committee from its creation in 1999 until 2002.  To provide peer advise and support which was close at hand, I created and funded faculty Online Learning Coordinators within each college at both FHSU and Mercy College.