My first love is wood working.  When graduating high school I could not decide if I wanted to be a cabinet maker or a scientist.  I decided it would be easier to have woodworking as a hobby than to be an amateur scientist.  My most recent project was a four poster bed and two matching end tables made from mahogany and curly maple.

My favorite sport is target archery.  I have a hunting bow but have never used it.  I helped my son start the archery club at Fort Hays State University where I assisted by coaching.  It is a great way to stay in touch with the students.

I love being around and on water, particularly fly fishing.  I am very good at catching flies but not so good a catching fish - the real joy is standing in the middle of a beautiful river enjoying nature.  I also do some salt water fishing.

Canoeing and Kayaking make for great family fun.  I am not sure why the rear end of a canoe always seems to sink lower in the water - perhaps some day I will figure it out!


I will try my hand at anything, including playing for the faculty teams in our annual softball and volley ball matches against the staff.

Pictured here are Thor and Helga, who visited us from the fjords of Sweden during Halloween.