Distance/Online Education

I have had significant experience developing online courses and programs.  I was responsible for the creation of the World’s first online School of Pharmacy and for the design, implementation and maintenance of the technological infrastructure, faculty development activities and instructional design team that supported it.  These teams consisted of content experts, an instructional designer, graphic artist, programmer and copyright librarian working together to develop the online courses.  I also initiated an innovative program using online teaching assistants to support faculty in distance courses. To date this is still the only accredited fully online school of pharmacy in the United States and perhaps the World.

The Virtual College at FHSU, with over 50 fully online associates, baccalaureate and masters programs (not counting concentrations) and 7,000 students actively enrolled, was within my area of responsibility.  Under my leadership FHSU’s US News and World Report baccalaureate programs ranking moved from 26th in the nation in 2016 to 15th in 2017.  During my time at Mercy College, I was similarly responsible for its 40 fully online programs.

At Penn State I served on the Penn State Online steering committee which planned a significant restructuring of the World Campus, online program development, delivery and support for all degrees.  I also increased sharing of courses, certificate and degree programs between the 24 regional campuses, and was intimately involved in development of academic programs such as a: