Communications & Interpersonal Skills

Many of the problems we encounter as managers are caused by flawed or inadequate communications. I recently read that if you think you are communicating adequately to your constituents then double your efforts.  We are all very busy and it can be challenging to make the time needed for good communication.  To aid with this process I:

I use humor to put people at ease and make a conscious effort to listen to people and hear what they are saying.  I am an eloquent, self-confident speaker and presenter and use these skills to generate interest in new ideas and approaches.  I also have had experienced working with a PR company when I had my own business (as a result I was interviewed by many technology magazines and even the NY Times), and have worked with our internal PR staff to craft important messages and press releases for our communities.

I implemented the video conferencing and SharePoint shared workspace systems used by many of the Penn State campuses to conduct virtual meetings, so I am adept at using collaborative technologies to eliminate geographical barriers.