Curricular Development & Program Review

New Degree ProgramsAs the needs of our students and employers change over time, the credentials we offer must evolve to meet those needs. I have worked with faculty committees to produce a series of templates to assist faculty with the curriculum design and assessment processes. The first two of these help with development of program goals/outcomes and curriculum mapping. The other three can be found on the assessment page

My biggest singular achievement in curricular development was the creation of the World's first online School of Pharmacy at Creighton University. This was accomplished when Internet based program delivery was still in its infancy, and nearly doubled the enrollment and number of faculty at the School.

At Radford and FHSU, the college deans and I developed a process for new program planning and prioritization. It was based on Dept. of Labor projections for employment, salary trends, projected enrollments and graduates, existing and needed expertise within the faculty, success of the program at peer institutions and a number of other factors. Each dean presented and defended each new program proposal to the other deans who then assigned a priority score. These priorities helped determine which new programs received funding for new faculty lines and resources. A least half a dozen new programs were approved during my time as Provost. The Dean of the Graduate School also reported to me at Radford and FHSU where we worked closely together on projects such as the development of a Doctor of Nursing Practice and a proposal for an Ed.D. Some additional examples of my curricular development experience are-

Program Review and Quality Improvement

Existing program needs evolve over time and should undergo continuous quality improvement. It is therefore necessary to assess programs on a regular basis. At Mercy College I worked with the Program Review committee to develop a new, more comprehensive, and data centric process that resulted in improvements in many programs.

General/Liberal Education

Academic programs must be built on, and integrated with an equally dynamic liberal education program. At Radford, FHSU and Mercy College I created the position of Director of Liberal Education and have mentored both of these directors through the creation of liberal education strategic plans and the process for redesign of the general education program. To support this, I have both sent or led teams to AAC&U's summer General Education Institutes and encouraged the adoption of the AAC&U Value Rubrics and the Degree Qualification Profile, both of which are now the foundation of the program at both FHSU and Mercy.

Honors College

I have been responsible for the Honors College at three institutions. At Mercy I worked with the Director and Honors Committee to develop a strategic plan for the program. While Provost at FHSU, we implemented the first Honors College at the University. At Radford I led the change of the Honors Program to an Honors College. All of this work required a significant review of, and changes to the programs.