Partnership Development

Inter-Institutional Domestic Partnerships

At Radford I worked on numerous articulation agreements between community colleges, the Virginia College of Medicine, and the George Mason Law School, to ensure that transfers students received maximal credit, and to create seamless pathways for our students to graduate programs.

International Partnerships

Fort Hays State has significant partnerships with two universities in China at which it has 3.500 students enrolled.  Like every partnership these needed to be maintained and nourished.  I visited the campuses each year and worked with their representatives when they in turn visited Kansas.  FHSU also developed a major new partnership with the American University of Phnom Penh to deliver baccalaureate and masters degrees in Cambodia.  I played a significant role in developing and negotiating this partnership.

Businesses Partnerships

I also have experience developing partnerships with businesses, including working with the Ben Franklin organization in Pennsylvania which helps high tech companies develop from university research, and with local employers to create residency opportunities for students and to raise program funding.  I have attended and presented on University related topics at many service organization meetings such as Rotary (I am a Rotarian), and at the Chamber of Commerce to increase community awareness of university offerings, improve town-gown relations, and increase support for state funding.  In Kansas, I had responsibility for the state-wide Small Business Development Corporation and participated in tours of the community with local business leaders.