Personal Skills

My research field of neuroscience, in particular electrophysiology, required that I develop skills in programming, circuit building, and the use of computers and high-tech equipment for automated data collection. I became an assistant professor around the time the World wide web was emerging, so it was natural for me to adopt these technologies in my teaching. I established one of the first web servers at Ferris State and had students publishing information about diseases and their drug treatments as part of class projects. This work led me into creating computer labs for students, and creating and supporting collaborative and learning management systems. As a self-taught technologist I am very cognizant of the difficulties that non-technical people face in adopting technology, and therefore skilled at working with non-technical faculty and administrators to promote the use and benefits of technology.

I am knowledgeable in many technical areas of networking, infrastructure and internet technologies and have significant experience with:

Institutional Technology Management

My early adoption of technology to support teaching and learning resulted in a skill set that was much in demand in higher education and led to many joint appointments as a faculty member and administrator with technical responsibilities.  In these roles I: