As the Provost I tackled fundraising and friendraising on two fronts.  The first was to develop the skill set in my deans and establish reasonable yearly objectives for each.  As an example of this I took all of the Deans, along with a number of Foundation staff, to the CASE workshop for Deans and Academic Leaders in Fall of 2016.  Following this, the Deans were expected to establish fundraising boards and develop fundraising targets within their respective College strategic plans. 

The second front was raising funds for Academic Affairs initiatives that spanned all colleges.  I have provided the Foundation President with a set of proposals to share with potential donors who may have an interest in these initiatives.  I have entertained current and potential donors at football and basketball games, where I promote the University and its college initiatives.  At FHSU I worked closely with the President and Dean to raise a $5 million naming gift for the College of Science Technology and Mathematics.

I have had personal success at raising over seven million dollars from donors/ investors as follows:

This list does not include funds raised through grants for institutional improvements and program development.